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There are 5 sections on a check that you must fill out. Printing is fine.

1. The Date Field
Put today’s date, or the date you want the person to deposit the check.

How to write a date line on a check

2. The Pay-To Line
Write the name of the person or company who will be receiving the check.

How to write the 'pay to the order of' line on a check

3. The Amount Box
Write the amount using numbers. Start at the left to keep someone from sneaking in a number up front.

How to write the dollar amount on a check

4. The Amount Line
Spell out the dollars just like you would say it and write the cents as a numerical fraction. Draw a line to fill up the rest of the space to keep someone from adding text.

How to write the amount line on a check

5. The Signature Line
Sign your name.

How to write the signature on a check

The Memo Line (sometimes called The “For” Line) is optional. Recording a note here can be good to know in the future or for tax records like giving to a charity.

How to write the memo line on a check

That’s it. You’ve written the check!

Now there’s just one thing left to do. Write the check number (found in the upper corner of the check), the date, the pay-to, and the amount in the check register. This helps keep a record of what you wrote in case someone loses the check or the wrong amount gets deposited. You also have the option of buying duplicate checks that will automatically make a copy of every check you write.

How to fill out a check register

You’re all done! But, in case you were curious about those numbers at the bottom of the check – they are special magnetic ink characters with your financial institution’s number (called a routing transit), your account number, and the check number. They help make the check work.

The special ink characters on a check

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